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Have you been thinking that it’s about time you treat yourself to a luxury vehicle? Your Minnesota Truck Headquarters can help with that. We don’t just serve up the largest selection of trucks in Minnesota — we also have an incredible selection of pre-owned premium vehicles from world-famous brands, including popular options like BMW, Cadillac, and Mercedes-Benz.

Land Rover

If you are mistakenly under the impression that a high-end luxury vehicle can’t also kick up a whole lot of mud, you need only look at the excellence that Land Rover has been delivering for decades. With legends like the Range Rover and Defender to its name, Land Rover has defined the sweet spot where everything from advanced technology to impressive off-road prowess to world-class luxury converges. When you’re at the wheel of a Land Rover SUV, you’ll feel untouchable and unconquerable, and you definitely won’t mind the longing looks from people noticing you while you’re out there doing it.


For generations, the idea of owning a BMW has been synonymous with “making it.” If you’re able to enjoy the sheer thrill provided by the Ultimate Driving Machine on a daily basis, then you’ve gone right somewhere along your journey. Doing things right is just something that comes naturally to BMW, and that’s evidenced in its legendary lineup of vehicles. Today’s BMW is a powerhouse brand, ranging from instant icons like the 3 Series and 7 Series to the racing-inspired and track-tested capabilities of BMW M to the family-friendly yet robust BMW X lineup of utility vehicles. Just don’t forget to use your turn signal.


It takes some chutzpah for a brand to make “the best or nothing” its brand identity. But Mercedes-Benz isn’t making bluster when it claims that — it backs it up like a promise, delivering some of the most miraculous luxury vehicles the world has ever seen. There’s just something incomparable and indescribable about being inside an S-Class Sedan, especially when you consider the many high-end upgrades that make it feel more akin to a lounge on wheels. But that’s not to say that Mercedes-Benz doesn’t approach performance with equal focus on the superlative — its partnerships with other world-renowned brands like AMG and Maybach result in vehicles that ensure you’ll never have another dull moment behind the wheel again.


Luxury can be home-grown, and when it comes to American luxury, Cadillac is one of the names on everyone’s lips. Go down the line with the brand, and you’ll find no shortage of instantly recognizable names like the Eldorado, De Ville, and Seville. But look at the more modern Cadillac lineup and you’ve got quite a few legends in the making right there, including the awe-inspiring Cadillac Escalade and several V-Series models powered by the unparalleled Blackwing engine. There’s an air of quality that comes with driving a Cadillac — that crest on the grille is like a badge of honor, telling the world that you demand nothing less than excellence.


Lincoln is right there with Cadillac in terms of classic American brands — just think of the prestige that comes with names like the Town Car and Continental. These days, Lincoln is turning its focus toward a world-class lineup of SUVs — and, soon enough, electric vehicles — and the results are stunning to say the least. The Lincoln Navigator is one of the most impressive large luxury SUVs ever built, and Lincoln even tops up its premium offerings with a high-end Black Label trim that includes unique perks and interior themes.
And we’re only just scratching the surface of what you can find right here at Your Minnesota Truck Headquarters in St. Cloud, Minnesota. If you want to go big with your next vehicle purchase, check out our selection online or stop by our gorgeous showroom to see what we have in store.
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