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We Buy Classic Cars

Your Minnesota Truck Headquarters
Don't Sell Your Classic Car Anywhere but Here
When it's time to sell your classic car, you want only the best possible offer. Your Minnesota Truck Headquarters pays top-dollar for classics and antiques of all varieties.
We may specialize in trucks, but like any self-respecting gear head or speed junkie, classic cars or trucks rev our engine just as much as they did when we were kids. That's why we're so enthusiastic about buying antique and classic cars, trucks, sports cars, convertibles, and more - no matter the make, model or body style. We know the value of the classics, and we'd never pay less than it's worth.
Selling your classic car couldn’t possibly get any easier than it is at MTH. We’ll get you paid in three simple steps:
  1. Show up at Your MTH.
  2. Let us value your vehicle.
  3. Walk away with a check in hand.
Not only will we buy your classic vehicle; we'll buy it on the spot. If you need some time to consider your options, your certified offer from MTH is good for up to 10 days or 1,000 additional miles. Then, when you’re ready, just bring your guaranteed offer and your vehicle to Minnesota Truck Headquarters and get paid the very same day!

The Best Place to Sell Your Classic Ride
There are a lot of reasons to sell classic cars and trucks. Sometimes, it's because you’ve had all the fun you’re going to have with that vehicle and it’s simply time to move on to the next joy ride. Perhaps you can never really devote the amount of time it can take to keep these old beauties running in tip-top shape, and it's time to re-home your ride. Maybe it's time to cash in on your masterpiece and move on to your next exciting classic custom or restoration project. Whatever the reason, you want to be sure that you get the absolute best price for your classic or antique vehicle.
Our expert team of classic car buffs will make sure your experience is fast, easy, and incredibly profitable. We keep it simple and get you on your way - with cash (or check) in hand! Stop in or submit your ride online through our trade-in tool to get started. You'll love your experience, as well as the offer to buy your classic car.
At your Minnesota Truck Headquarters, hot classics equal hard cash - no shortcuts, no gimmicks, no strings, just cold-hard cash. Find out what type of price your classic ride could fetch and then pad your pockets with the MTH team.

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