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Meet The Team!

Your Minnesota Truck Headquarters is your destination for all things pickup truck in St. Cloud and all across the Land of 10,000 Lakes. But we’re not just Minnesota’s largest truck retailer and No. 1 pre-owned vehicle retailer. We’re also the home of an incredible team of people committed to excellence.

From management to the sales floor to the service bay, every member of the Minnesota Truck Headquarters is part of a whole. We’re a well-oiled, high-functioning machine that stands behind the four core values of MTH: We are driven, we do the right thing, we are positive, and we are team players.

Whenever you visit MTH in St. Cloud, whatever the reason may be, you’ll be greeted by a smiling face. Everyone under our roof wants to make your experience a satisfying one whether you’re browsing our selection of awesome trucks, considering upgrading your current pickup with a Granite Rock Edition off-road conversion, or picking up a fresh set of tires.

And if you have questions about anything, whether it’s the kind of truck you need or how to get the best deal on financing, there’s someone at MTH who can help. We’re a customer-first business because, at the end of the day, you’re part of our team, too. Here are the friendly faces of the fine folks working for you at Your Minnesota Truck Headquarters. Once you’ve had a chance to meet our team, be sure to schedule your visit with us so we can put a face with a name and induct you into the MTH family.


1805 MN-23 NE
Saint Cloud
  • Nate Elliott

    Elliott, Nate

    Nate Elliott

    Operations Manager
  • Mike Jordet

    Jordet, Mike

    Mike Jordet

    Inventory Manager & Dealer Principal
  • Mat Jordet

    Jordet, Mat

    Mat Jordet

    General Manager & Dealer Principal
  • Aaron Janey

    Janey, Aaron

    Aaron Janey

    Director of Fixed Operations

Office & Administration

1805 MN-23 NE
Saint Cloud
  • Diana Cole

    Cole, Diana

    Diana Cole

  • Melissa Jordet

    Jordet, Melissa

    Melissa Jordet

    Accounts Payable/Receivable
  • Julie Konz

    Hofer, Julie

    Julie Konz

    Certified Title Clerk / Office Manager
  • Jenny McDanel

    McDanel, Jenny

    Jenny McDanel

    General Accountant
  • Gina Schulte

    Schulte, Gina

    Gina Schulte

    Office Assistant
  • Brianna Lenz

    Lenz, Brianna

    Brianna Lenz

  • Andrea Bustillos-Chavez

    Bustillos-Chavez, Andrea

    Andrea Bustillos-Chavez



1805 MN-23 NE
Saint Cloud
  • Pierce Edelbrock

    Edelbrock, Pierce

    Pierce Edelbrock

    Marketing Director


1805 MN-23 NE
Saint Cloud
  • Peter Moon

    Moon, Peter

    Peter Moon

    Inventory Manager


1805 MN-23 NE
Saint Cloud


1805 MN-23 NE
Saint Cloud
  • Brian Kruschke

    Kruschke, Brian

    Brian Kruschke

    General Sales Manager
  • Jake Nicholson

    Nicholson, Jake

    Jake Nicholson

    Sales Manager
  • Megan Rech

    Rech, Megan

    Megan Rech

    Truck Specialist
  • Ryan Allen

    Allen, Ryan

    Ryan Allen

    Truck Specialist
  • Hunter Thielen

    Thielen, Hunter

    Hunter Thielen

    Truck Specialist
  • Tadan LaFrance

    LaFrance, Tadan

    Tadan LaFrance

    Truck Specialist
  • Anna Packard

    Packard, Anna

    Anna Packard

    Truck Specialist
  • Rob Campbell

    Campbell, Rob

    Rob Campbell

    Truck Specialist
  • Nick Selle

    Selle, Nick

    Nick Selle

    Truck Specialist
  • Matt Vedders

    Vedders, Matt

    Matt Vedders

    Truck Specialist


1805 MN-23 NE
Saint Cloud
  • Wynn Johnson

    Johnson, Wynn

    Wynn Johnson

    Finance Director

Pre-Auction Wholesale (P.A.W.)

1805 MN-23 NE
Saint Cloud
  • Justin Bjork

    Bjork, Justin

    Justin Bjork

    PAW Sales Manager
  • Jorge Torres

    Torres, Jorge

    Jorge Torres

    PAW Sales & Finance Associate
  • Derek Anderson

    Anderson, Derek

    Derek Anderson

    PAW Service Technician
  • Brad Bauer

    Bauer, Brad

    Brad Bauer

    PAW Detail Lead

MTH Commercial

1805 MN-23 NE
Saint Cloud
  • Eric Scott

    Scott, Eric

    Eric Scott

    Commercial Truck Specialist


1805 MN-23 NE
Saint Cloud
  • Joe W.

    Williams, Joe

    Joe W.

    Reconditioning Manager
  • Casey S.

    Stemig, Casey

    Casey S.

    Reconditioning Associate
  • Samantha K.

    Kedrowski, Samantha

    Samantha K.

    MTH Garage Specialist
  • Brian R.

    Rickard, Brian

    Brian R.

    Shop Foreman
  • Adam V.

    Voigt, Adam

    Adam V.

    Service Technician
  • James T.

    Truehart, James

    James T.

    Service Technician
  • Mack M.

    Mcgone, Mack

    Mack M.

    Service Technician
  • Jayden A.

    Anderson, Jayden

    Jayden A.

    Service Technician
  • Michael H.

    H., Michael

    Michael H.

    Service Technician
  • Luke L.

    L., Luke

    Luke L.

    Service Technician
  • Clayton K.

    K., Clayton

    Clayton K.

    Service Technician
  • Allen L.

    Lentz, Allen

    Allen L.

  • Skye O.

    Otte, Skye

    Skye O.

  • Jay B.

    Brink, Jay

    Jay B.

    Shipping & Receiving
  • Myke M.

    Marrone, Mike

    Myke M.

    Napa IBS


1805 MN-23 NE
Saint Cloud
  • Kyle Johnson

    Johnson, Kyle

    Kyle Johnson

    Detail Manager
  • Adam Voit

    Voit, Adam

    Adam Voit

    Detail Lead
  • Jordan Johnsen

    Johnson, Jordan

    Jordan Johnsen

    Detail Lead
  • Terran Kloos

    Kloos, Terran

    Terran Kloos

    Detail Lead
  • Jasmine Benzkofer

    Benzkofer, Jasmine

    Jasmine Benzkofer

  • Hunter Johnsen

    Johnsen, Hunter

    Hunter Johnsen

  • Aiden Smith

    Smith, Aiden

    Aiden Smith

  • Vanessa Blair

    Blair, Vanessa

    Vanessa Blair

  • Tennessee Walker

    Walker, Tennessee

    Tennessee Walker

  • Abdul Adosh

    Adosh, Abdul

    Abdul Adosh

  • Tamaki Foster

    Foster, Tamaki

    Tamaki Foster


MTH Of Forest Lake

1805 MN-23 NE
Saint Cloud
  • Rommy Ayoub

    Ayoub, Rommy

    Rommy Ayoub

    General Manager
  • Rook Din

    Din, Rook

    Rook Din

    Finance Manager
  • Scott DeMike

    DeMike, Scott

    Scott DeMike

    Truck Specialist
  • Jamie Sauter

    Sauter, Jamie

    Jamie Sauter

    Truck Specialist
  • Matt Renville

    Renville, Matt

    Matt Renville

    Lead Detail
  • Carter Gnau

    Gnau, Carter

    Carter Gnau

    Truck Specialist
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