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GRE (Granite Rock Edition) Off Road Models

What is GRE?

Welcome to the next level of truck customization. Get your Granite Rock Edition (GRE) pickup today at your Minnesota Truck Headquarters.
Custom GRE packages are exclusive to Minnesota Truck Headquarters and it’s what you need when you want a truck that turns heads and fits you to a ‘T.’ Whether you want to take your truck way, way off road, or you just want a truck for everyday use, make it a GRE and get everything you want and more. We know there’s nothing like owning a truck, but the GRE package will have you loving your truck even more than you ever thought possible. Here’s the low-down:

Why GRE?

You want to own a truck that is yours and yours alone. You want a truck that works hard, plays hard, and drops jaws all over town. That’s why you need a GRE truck. Available in two distinct levels – Alpha and Omega, these trucks are a full package of fully customized goodness. What’s more, you can purchase your truck complete with your ideal GRE options, or bring us your current pickup and we’ll turn it into your dream truck. The GRE package is all about getting exactly what you want, and your Minnesota Truck Headquarters is here to give it to you.

The Alpha and the Omega

Both of these GRE customization levels boast dozens of sweet options for your truck. The major difference is that at the Alpha level, your truck remains level and at factory height; while at the Omega level, your truck gets lifted, loaded, and jacked up all around with custom lift kits, larger wheels and rims, running boards, and much more. In fact, with the Omega GRE package, everything gets bigger. Now, who doesn’t want that? Both the Alpha and the Omega GRE packages also give you additional options to add on, allowing you to get even more custom. See which GRE package is right for you and let’s get on it!

Current GRE Makes and Models

We are happy to carry a diverse selection of GRE trucks from your favorite and most trusted names in the business. The GRE customization package is available for all GM pickup models (Chevy and GMC), as well as on Ford, RAM, and even Jeep – including the exciting, trail conquering Wrangler JK. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re a Chevy or Ford guy, because we’re all going to be about that GRE. It only takes one call or visit to your MTH to get started.

Let’s Turn Your Truck into a GRE!

Sure, you can check out our options and buy yourself the perfect GRE truck, but if you love your current truck too much to part with it, why not get the best of both worlds and turn your pickup into a GRE dream machine? We can do it for you. After all, if there’s a lift kit for it, we’ll jack it up for you. It’s so easy. All you need to do is complete and submit the form, and one of our Pro Shop Techs will reach out to help by listing and defining all the specs, as well as giving you a custom quote to make it happen.
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